You Say Potato

I say tasty!!

One of my favorite staples to keep in the kitchen just happens to be fairly cheap and keeps for extended periods of time with little effort.  I love the wonderful potato!!  At around 80 cents a pound for big honkin Russets it makes a perfect staple!!

Quite often I’ll quarter one length wise to fit through my cuisinart (which I absolutely adore) and fry the resulting shreds in olive oil for fresh hash brown taters in less than 15 minutes!!

Tonight I sliced one up, seasoned with pepper, sea salt, and a tap of one of my favorite chile rubs (ghost and habanero blend) did a quick sear fry in olive oil and baked to a crisp.  Home made potato chips!!!  20 minutes for the best chips I’ve ever had!!

Tomorrow I’ll mix some rosemary, sage, and dill in olive oil and brush a tater down to wrap in foil and bake. One of my favorites!! 

So baked, fried, mashed, hashed, french fried, you name it!

Cherish the potato!