Opportunity Doesn’t Just Knock

Sometimes it bangs….

So it’s been a long while since my last posting, pooch and I have been quite busy but in really good ways. We’re both healthy and active and life really isn’t so bad in our little corner of life! Lots of hiking and attempts to herd everything from children to heavy equipment (explaining to a border collie why she shouldn’t attempt to herd excavators is something I never expected to have to do).

I have been presented an opportunity to pack up and spend several months in another state (another world almost) helping a close friend by fixing up a property. It’s a secluded and wooded area which honestly appeals to me and well, I am absolutely certain pupster would be in heaven.While much of my recent absence from writing has been pooch and general life related a lot of it has been simply that all of my free time has been consumed taking inventory of my material possessions and deciding what is actually important enough to keep.

This opportunity was presented a couple of months ago and I have decided after much deliberation to try and make it happen.

Am I nervous? Yes! Am I excited? Yes! Am I afraid? For some reason not at all!

I have taken many steps to ensure some semblance of sanity while disappearing halfway across the country with little guaranteed other than room and board and some hard work. I’ve contacted employers in the area and after months of deliberation I am going to do my best to make this adventure happen.

There are a few dozen reasons to go but very few reasons to not, it’s short term when really examined and as far as sobriety goes it’s a great thing. This friend has been a solid source of support for years, recovery focused and honestly I would be in the middle of nowhere!! Yet close enough to the wonderful temperate waters of the pacific coast!!

See, if you haven’t known me for long you may not know but I have an especially strong attraction to plankton and marine snails! The opportunity to spend my free time directly handling and studying species in real time that I have spent years reading papers about is akin to winning the biological lottery for me.

I have a plankton tattoo, I’ve spent years staring through microscopes in my makeshift home lab, hours and hours taking notes, reading papers that for all purposes no hobbyist really cares about. I’m a geek and the thought of being able to capture and study my favorite subjects live in real time while the pupster can openly run and be herself is amazing.

My girly gurl can run!! And I get to geek out both in the forest and on the coast! I would be an idiot to not take the chance??!! Is this a midlife crisis? Maybe, but I always told myself two things:

  1. I would never leave Colorado
  2. When I do finally snap, I’ll snap good!

Well, number 2 is about to kick number 1 right out on its ass. I have many other things going on, a partner in crime will be going with, someone I’ve known for around 20 ish years, someone I trust.

I know much of this seems very vague and that is on purpose as I have no intention of mentioning things that are not set in stone. Rest assured I will be okay, I’m a tough cookie! I’m also incredibly blessed and always have been, for all purposes I should have never made it past 18 let alone grow old enough to have the opportunity to attempt explaining to a generation several generations from my self denied gen X what a pay phone or laser disc or mix tape is! Hah so this is what my mom and grandparents go through…. I’ve been lucky for all my life, it’s time to take a chance and help my friends!

Time to go run the game trail we will be leaving soon in favor of forest, hills, natural springs, and the unknown. I’ve always cling to the familiar; it’s time I took a chance and jumped into life, I had a close friend tell me years ago while visiting me in rehab not to be afraid of life. Today I’m not afraid.

“Oh, dear beyond our dearest dreams, Fairer than all fairest seems! To feast the rosy hours away, To revel in a roundelay! How blest would be a life so free”

(Lewis Carroll, Sylvie and Bruno”

“Don’t be afraid of life Joe”