No Resort?

So, I see these commercials for resort getaways.  All these wonderful vacations away from life and the only thing I can think is how nice it would be if I could actually find one.  Every one of my sanctuaries is in flux due to either personal differences or new people or whatever.  This is a bad BAD place for someone in my situation to be in.

I find myself so angry I am on the cusp of violently reacting, not so much physical but I do know I am good with words and can argue a point in a very attacking manner.  Hrmm good with words, I refuse to believe it most of the time as I really just speak my mind.  What do you do when you cannot control others?

Hrmm cannot control others, as if I’m some magical genie from a lamp or king in the 14th century.  The reality is we all live as human beings and I must respect that (why is it that being and weird do not obey the I before E law?).  I cannot hold it against a person for having his/her own views, I *Can* however hold them responsive for those views.  We all have our own glasses we wear so who am I to make a judgement call?

Get over your weak opinions for once and thicken your skin.  Just because someone disagrees with you or calls you a bad name does not make that person uniquely bad, it may just be the heat of battle.. Fight fair and fight with tools, if you lack the tools maybe look at the why.

no exit on this one




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