Splayed out

So pup has figured it out this is all hers!!  No longer sleeping under the bed she’s become my snuggle buddy!!  With the most amazing blue eyes and The calmest demeanor she’s perfect!!

I volunteer at the shelter and recommend shelter pups and cats there is always a risk.  My Elsa had an abusive family constantly getting kicked and beat so she’s shy.  She will never go through that again never ever!

My neighbors love her and I love her she’s a good pup this morning I will spend some time on heel and stay and of course spoil my girl.  She’s coming out and a wonderful pooch and god those eyes she’s the most amazing eyes!!

A man needs a pooch!


3 thoughts on “Splayed out”

    1. She’s my girly girl it’s the eyes!! Sweetie all the way though follows me everywhere, stays in the yard, woofs in her sleep. I highly encourage shelter pups giving a forever home has its rewards! She even brings my paper in!! Such a sweetie!

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  1. She’s my pooches early morning today with an interview for my next career!?! My girls right here for support! And after my interview and hopefully new career were going to have home made burgers and steak fries because we can!!

    For now a nappy morning slow to get up but a good day ahead!


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