Cleaning the Fridge

So this evening I decided to whip up a nice red sauce and do some spaghetti with some sausage and veggies and what not.  Lo and behold I had a few small baggies of veggies that just weren’t fit for consumption.  Not a lot mind you as I love my veggies but I did have to toss a bell pepper a few small celery hearts and about a quarter head of lettuce.

What I didn’t throw out was the few bad garlic cloves (I had a whole garlic that was good for my sauce so it wasn’t a big deal).  I had a couple of cloves that had actually sprouted in my crisper drawer so while waiting for my sauce to cook down a touch I got a whim to try and plant the cloves in a small pot that I had empty out front.  I used some good soil I had from another planter that is now empty (lettuce from earlier in the season) and kicked it up with a bit of bone meal, a very small amount of miracle grow, and this fertilizer I have called “eco scraps”.

This Eco Scraps stuff is interesting, I have been using it on our pepper and tomato plants in front of the apartment all season with pretty great success.  The fertilizer comes in pellets and is fairly easy to use but get this… it’s made up entirely of food waste!  Effectively a couple of guys got this brilliant idea to collect food waste from retailers across the US and process it into compost then pelletizing it kind of a slick idea I think.  Anywhoo it’s available at Lowes and Home Depot if your in the US (not sure about worldwide) its worth a look see!

So here’s to hoping for some fresh garlic, I’ve never grown it before but hey why not the pot was empty and the cloves were sprouting meh worth a shot.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning the Fridge”

  1. Garlic takes 2 seasons to get a crop but there’s nothing quite like the fresh stuff. If you want to nerd out check out the pellet making machines that are now available for residential use. You can put just about anything into pellet form (apparently compost now). It’s kind of cool how such a simple idea can have such varied applications.

    P.S. If you really want to take the nerdiness to a greater level look up wood fuel and think about combining the pellet thing with the wood fuel thing. Not sure what the payoff would be but there’s a guy with 100K on a wood fuel vehicle. It costs him less than a penny a mile. See Joe now my ADD kicked in. Happy Gardening!!!


  2. You can use the garlic if they are sprouting too I saw in an article. But of course not if they are dry and hardly anything inside. Good to hear you cooking home made food and also gardening. Happy cooking and Happy gardening 🙂


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