The Call

I got a call from a friend

I don’t have many a handful of people that I consider this close I’ve known since childhood the people that know me and this is what makes it even more scary.  My friend started asking some pretty heavy questions, who I wanted things to go to and how I wanted to be handled after I passed away.

My friend was writing my last testament, he wanted me to have a last say and decided to call me on it.

At first I was a touch confused and then seeing the emails afterwards the truth set in, I’m pretty good at killing myself and the people that care for me are worried.  Worried so much so that they are trying to figure out what to do with my “stuff” after I pass.  Seeing this first hand in emails is an interesting thing trust me. Everyone involved in such is reading this as well I don’t hate you for it in fact I’m happy your there.  Just understand that facing mortality itself is tough facing it when brought up and pushed is slightly tougher.

I don’t want anyone to cry for me when I do pass, and I’m too much of a prick to pass soon so deal with me I’m going to be around for a bit.


5 thoughts on “The Call”

  1. Oh Joe, this is heartbreaking to read. You have shown nothing but compassion towards me. One day I hope you can find it for yourself to. You are a genuinely a great person and I feel lucky to know you.

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    1. Sara I love reading your blog it’s actually become one of my daily habits. Life is life I think and today I’ll settle with just alright. Tomorrow I might take on the world but that’s tomorrow and another day. I’m glad we have this world where we can express ourselves and read and write and just blab about how we feel. Keep writing some of us are reading ~J


  2. Joe, I’m glad to hear you plan on being around to give the world continued doses of unfiltered honesty. To be clear you are family and the greatest respect I can give you is to make sure things are how you want them when we cross that bridge. It’s not about stuff but respect and love. Looking forward to many more years with one of my favorite pricks!!!


  3. Thanks for the call last night. I realized after, you had thoughts, and had seen us with emails… I texted prior – “I want you to know, your brotherhood with me. What affects us is as one. Time to think as a whole. Love ya… Brother…”. This is for everyone. I think you see that now. I want you around as much as everyone. Thanks for the Loving words last knight, really was heartfelt! even though I was half asleep. Push on we are all here anytime. Prove us wrong…Please. In honesty there are few I would even speak this way to.


    1. I can honestly say I am truly blessed with family and well family. If I were to venture a quote I would say that I don’t have any friends to speak of, just family that has always been there even when I forget to call or reach out. Thanks brother, both you and lurch my brothers its good to have brothers.


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