Free Pizza Friday 

Today was pay day and I decided to treat myself on the way home from work by stopping at a gas station/convenience store on the way home for a cheap pair of pizzas.    Every Friday pizzas are buy one get one free so $15 later I’m driving home with two very well stuffed pies and a 64oz cup of soda I probably shouldn’t have.

This all of course made me laugh as I stuffed as many condiment packets as I could in my pockets (hey I’m broke salsa and mustard cost money) and retired to my kitchen to chomp on some pretty damn good pizza.

I have my next 4 meals which should get me through most of tomorrow save breakfast where I will do my usual taters and eggs.  Have long shifts through the weekend and week with no complaints this pay period was more of a catch up but if work sustains I might actually get somewhere!!

And all I had to do was show up.  The next two weeks might be rough but after the next check things will lighten just a little bit then two weeks later maybe a little more.  

One thing I’ve learned the hard way is that typically if everything happens at once it’s usually a bad sign.  Real progress happens incrementally and I have to accept that.  I have a great deal an army even of people supporting me in areas of my life all the way to what I think I should eat tomorrow the only thing I truly lack in this life is patience.

I waited for two pizzas why can’t I wait for a better next two weeks??  I feel like I might sleep tonight and that is an amazing accomplishment even if I don’t sleep just the feeling of peace (and pizza) I waited a half hour for two pies hand made from a gal that cared about her job what’s another few weeks?

Pizza lady, awesome job!!



4 thoughts on “Free Pizza Friday ”

  1. Joe I too have a love for pizza. Lately though I have avoided it due to cost. Usually 50$ to feed fam. last night since I’m traveling I couldn’t resist. 1 10in and boneless wings with ranch. I brought hot sauce with me. LOL. I think its a childhood comfort food. Was there anything better? Now a days I focus my energy on meat. Sign of getting old I think. Still I cant pass up the Pizza Pie just once in a while!


  2. With that said I cant pass up a good sub. Store here had fresh 14in all American subs cut in thirds just prepped and wrapped. 5 minutes in cooler. Hell he was setting out more as I was there. Forget Subway. Grabbed condiment packets and for 6 bucks now have a sand, with Boars Head- Ham, Turkey, Roast beef with provolone. Bread was still soft from bakery. I’m a sucker I know. Craving rice so I got a side of fried rice with veggies instead of chips. Sometimes I love the Deli Supermarket!!!


  3. Wonderful news. I like pizzas too, but I am a vegetarian mostly so I have vegetable and extra cheesy ones. Yummy 😛 You do sound positive and having a lot of hope and strength now which is a very good sign. Keep on moving and my prayers and good wishes are with you. I am not all that active here as so many others who write even daily but I am alert for any e mails or messages. So any time you feel a little din or need a cheering up, “Please do keep a message I will not publish it but reply and you need not publish it either. If you can somehow find a bit of time and write all those good things as gratitudes or thing that make you happy. It will show how much good things are happening for you and without your knowledge you will get on to a real positive track. I am so happy for you 🙂


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