Anxiety Attack!

I think if I had a guard dog I would name him “Anxiety” and I would teach him the simple command “attack”.  Just seems fitting for me this evening.  Work is busy with my schedule taking me through the weekend and all next week which is nice and honestly right now I don’t really have any reason for anxiety but yet it’s still there below the surface.  Not incredibly heavy and lighter than some of the moments I’ve had in the past few months.

It seems when I try to sleep like a normal person I just toss and turn, eventually only falling asleep by way of extreme exhaustion.  I’ve tried exercise, walking, even push up’s, I do find spending some time in my inversion table allows me a cat nap here and there.  At least I can say I’m eating well, and I’m doing good with my no smoking goal.  I have my relaxing morning paper to read and the kitchen is spotless seeing as how I find myself cleaning when I cant sleep.

I basically feel so unproductive at times like this and it’s getting old.  Eventually somethings got to give, writing on this blog as well as reading others does help and I find myself  more calm overall so I think things are getting better.  I just never was good at that whole patience thing.


3 thoughts on “Anxiety Attack!”

    1. I suppose I should label the pic huh it’s our backyard the “giant” at garden of the gods you would think fish would have taught me patience


  1. Don’t worry anxiety does pop up here and there. Although I am not depressed anymore and mood disorder is under control, anxiety is something that lifts its head from time to time. Sometimes it’s because of someone or something has stressed me sometime I don’t see any reason. Even happy things bring up anxiety Lol 😀
    This is what I do. I try to distract myself and do something I like – even washing some dishes or clothes or cooking watching TV praying. But if I really cannot I go and rest, sometimes I fall asleep for a short time sometimes It just goes away. So see what works for you. For each of us it is different. But have courage and hope for the best always. God Bless 🙂 ❤


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