A Few of My Favorite Things

Yesterday while talking to my neighbor I noticed a real nice surprise in front of my patio, the local newspaper!  My grandfather decided to re-direct his newspaper subscription to my address the day before yesterday and I couldn’t be happier.  I have a strong affinity for the newspaper, and while I’ve gone out of my way to avoid constantly looking at news lately (to avoid more anxiety and depression).

My grandfather used to be a typesetter as a young man in his home island of Maui and as such established great skill at reading upside down.  He used to read the paper upside down and I have fond memories of sitting at the other side of the table in the morning when I stayed the night reading the paper with him (right side up for me).  I absolutely love the paper and every once in a while I’ll hit Barnes and Noble and pick up a paper from another city just for the hell of it (I’d love to get my hands on some European papers someday).  I will often read the paper in spurts throughout the day or not crack it until the evening to wind down, I’m happy to be able to do this once again!

*bang* tasty hash browns!

As I type this I am munching on my wonderful breakfast of homemade hash brown potatoes with 2 eggs scrambled in and a good crumbling of the most amazing cheese!  Trader Joes “Unexpected Cheddar Cheese” it’s an aged cheddar and parmesan blend and absolutely unexpected as the label says for sure.  It doesn’t slice easily and instead crumbles but wow!  On the subject of homemade hash brown potatoes I absolutely LOVE the Cuisinart that my Auntie (who I also absolutely LOVE) gave me.  I simply quarter a potato length wise and pulse it through with the grater attachmchent and toss it in my frying pan and *bang* tasty hash browns!

Popcorn, recently with my goal of quitting smoking I have found comfort in microwave popcorn and have been consuming a bag to a bag and a half daily.  I’ve tried toothpicks but end up chomping down on them too much and I don’t think splinters are too good for ones intestinal tract.  I do the simple butter style and sometimes toss a little bit of black pepper on the kernels for kick.

And so this morning now that I have had my breakfast I will peek outside and see if todays paper has arrived yet!


9 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. I agree there’s something oddly satisfying about the paper. I think it brings together multiple senses and elicits a better experience than other types of news. Enjoy!


    1. LOL awesome, yea I have a lot of family scattered across Maui and Oahu I consider Saimen (Ramen) one of my favorite dishes, I love spam, and can go into pidgin mode at the drop of a dime 🙂


      1. Too strange — I’ve flown to Oahu and Molokai shoeing and trimming hooves on horses there for the past 14 years, spending two weeks out of each six week period on-island. Staying Lani Kai, North Shore, Hanoli Wai . . . flew my anvil home last year. But most of my friends are in Hawaii :))


      2. yeah I actually forwarded one of your posts on that to mom and cousin Ikaika (pearl city) north shore is alright but just up a bit across from the food king is sharks cove *amazing* I got to snorkel with the turtles


      3. Yes!!! I have so many pictures from over 120 trips — I literally lived there one-third of the time for the past 14 years. Working, sweating!!! Swimming. Soaring (Mr. Bill’s on the North Shore, Dillingham, Glider Rides :)) All the rich adventures . . . and food!!!!


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