The Miracle (and Curse) of Modern Technology

Poking around today looking for the next career I found myself getting incredibly frustrated.  It seems more and more every application is done online and many of them have accompanying “personality” tests.  Whatever happened to a handshake and an application directly to an employer.  How does one prove his or herself to a prospective company without the capacity for face time?

While it’s somewhat of a boon that we can fire off resume’s and applications like a scattergun from the comfort of our living rooms, there’s just no more heart in it.  I find it quite sad that through technology many of us have lost the personal touch.  People lock themselves indoors on computers or sit at the dinner table with a face buried in a phone.  No longer do we make conversation or value community connection and while we seem to possess more communications capabilities than ever before in history we rarely actually communicate.

Just  some thoughts to ponder today and maybe reflect on how we can improve our communities simply through paying just a little more attention to those around us.


3 thoughts on “The Miracle (and Curse) of Modern Technology”

  1. I was thinking about you today, Joe, and wondering how you’re doing :)) We had a rain storm earlier today, and the outdoors smells wonderful now :)) Wishing you the very best!!! Dawn


    1. Thanks Dawn, as a Colorado native I’ve a tendency to appreciate the rain here given the nasty fires we had several years ago. Evacuation is never fun and I hope I never have to again. We get real nice thunderstorms out here as well and to see the night sky lit up with lightning is often an amazing sight.

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      1. We had lots of loud, bright thunder and lightning a few nights ago — Southern California seldom gets that kind of thing, so it was very exciting! This weekend is the 50th Fiesta Days fun fair in our little town :)) We are at about 5,000′ elevation, surrounded by a Pinon Pine forest, with large native Valley Oak trees at the lower-elevation park in town. (Frazier Park) So there is lots of excitement up here this weekend :)) :)) Have a good weekend, whatever you do :))


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