Coffee and a New Belt Buckle

I sit here this morning musing over things waiting for my paper which is of course late arrrrgh and I should be angry about it but not so much.  I got a fancy James Dean belt buckle this weekend from a shop nearby called the LeechPit (lots of vintage stuff!!).  So today I get to sport a Dean buckle depicting a scene from Giant which was an amazing performance by Dean if you get the chance.

So coffee good, buckle great, paper late, life… not so bad.  And there is the ceremonial “thump” of my paper!!!  YAY!


The Dangers of a Day Off

So I’ve been working some pretty long shifts for oh too many days straight now which honestly I’ve begun to enjoy.  Not only do I need the money but it sure beats sitting here staring at the wall.  Yesterday the team I am on closed out another campaign and the new one doesn’t start until tomorrow.  They do have another team that does commercial polls but there is required training and I am still waiting for the next session.  Honestly aside from the ability to get more hours I really have little interest.

I absolutely love to follow politics and while I tend to refuse to argue politics I enjoy the fact that due to this wonderful internet full of blogs and video streams I can self educate and compare all sides of a story from multiple sources.  The fact that I get paid (albeit crap wages) now to poll people without bias on political views is pretty cool. Today though I am off and I need to ensure that I stay out of trouble.

Yesterday evening started out with me in a great mood, I rocked it at work and came home to a cellular repeater that my cell phone company sent me free of charge due to network issues that I have been having.  I was incredibly excited to tear the box open and attempt to set this fancy new toy up.  After a couple hours of fighting (I’ve worked on cellular devices for several years in the past and am pretty well versed in these things) I simply gave up and called.  Cue attitude degradation…..

First call, we’ll re-register it on the network and call you back in a half hour to see results.  Call back, oh it’s still not working lets try this and that and then send you to a specialist.  After 20 minutes on hold waiting for the specialist I got through, funny but I used to rip people dealing with tech support calls but now having been on the other end I tend towards a nicer attitude.  The specialist was awesome though, he checked everything all the way down to issues with the panel antennas in the area.

And here it comes… Rolling “Modernization” in the area hence the phone switching protocols as they upgrade equipment expected to last until Sept 14th.  Okay so I get to expect a month of bad service and have no fix or recourse?  Nope, and there went my good mood.  I thanked the gentleman for at least finding something as I always hated it when problems would magically fix themselves or nobody could ever find an issue.  At least now I know what the issue is.  And then my laptop gets all funky with a bad update and begins rebooting itself every time I try to accomplish something AUUUGGGHHH.

SO having myself in a bad mood I begin to stew on things going on, which of course doesn’t help.  I found myself emotionally exhausted and actually went to bed early, aside from the nightmares of which I had several I indeed got more sleep than I am used to.  My normally up at 4:30 ass slept until 9:15 before I drug myself out of bed for coffee and my paper.  And this is where todays post starts to ramble and get a little serious.

I was aware of this yesterday but with everything going on I didn’t spend much time thinking about it.  I’d like to get serious here and think through some very recent events.  Yesterday there was a deadly terrorist attack in Barcelona in which a van was used to murder over a dozen (still tabulating breaking news so I have no absolute number to give).  Later in the day, a second attack was said to have been thwarted about 60 miles away with 5 suspects dead at the time of this posting.  Last weekend on my home soil of the US, we had our own nightmare with terrorism in Charlottesville.  Unfortunately Charlottesville was a domestic attack during a protest event.

Again I will state that I try not to argue politics, my only comments on the Charlottesville situation are direct and as follows:

  • While I disagree with the organizers of the event in many ways they have the right to peaceful protest
  • I also disagree with the protesters of the event (Anti-fa) and think that they have tended towards violence in the past and this should be examined
  • In my opinion had Anti-fa not shown up the initial event would have accomplished nothing more than a small blip on the radar, because a clash happened there is now a large amount of coverage thus increasing racial discord.
  • Despite our amazingly increased technology, education, and improved civilization as a whole I cannot help but wonder if we are running backwards in terms of race and gender simply because people feel the need to self marginalize to “make a point”

Anyone is free to disagree or agree with me, these are simply my thoughts on the localized issue.  I spent many times many hours this week polling people across the US on this very incident and expect next week to be very centered on the Barcelona situation, things of this nature create incredibly strong views and while interesting I find it quite sad that I am asking such questions.  I do believe that knowing opinion statistics and how people feel right or wrong is a good thing but sometimes the very nature of the questions get depressing.  The fact that people are so charged up that they cannot simply sit down and have a discussion just fries my ass, we don’t have to agree to be civil.

Back to the Barcelona situation, I am trying not to form any opinions as of yet since information is still emerging and of course some is fabricated or assumption based.  While journalism is important if your not aware by now that the media has a tendency to jump and report bad information due to either bias or the need for reader/viewership I probably cannot help you navigate unbiased thought.  My initial thoughts however are as follows:

  • This situation is incredibly tragic and brings attention yet again that we are not simply one people or global kumbaya group instead we are a planet with several different civilizations with different views
  • Simply because at the time of this writing ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, there is little tangible proof that this is the case (see the next point)
  • It is important that we all wait for tangible information to be complete before passing judgement, it has happened many times in the past where a terrorist group has taken responsibility for something that was not connected to that group simply for the shock value (remember terrorism is based on shock so to take advantage of this type of fabrication does work in the groups favor)
  • While the US sits in the throes of a race “Cold War” it’s important to not forget that the world itself is engaged in not one but several religious and principal based wars that are in all respects not “cold”
  • Throughout history civilization has always been at battle and while I would like to think we have evolved beyond the human nature of civil conquest I need to remind myself that evolution takes time and we simply aren’t there as humans yet

I may write on these situations again later though I really would prefer to be more positive and uplifting.  The raw reality is that seeing events such as this unfold and how much of the opinions expressed about these events sometimes lead to an even more explosive tone it becomes something that I think about and must write to keep my thoughts from swallowing me whole.  As for today I’m off to spend some time cleaning out the storage unit and hopefully accomplishing something positive rather than stewing in the negative events I just vomited into this blog.

Stay engaged but open to opposing views before forming opinions, use your brain cells not your fists.


The Morning “Me”

I’ve found over the past few years that I have in fact become a “morning person”, often awake around 4:30-5AM shuffling to the kitchen to start coffee and checking the doorstep for my paper (which sadly has been showing up a bit later the last two days).  I’ve begun to love these times as a chance to practice some self care through a healthy breakfast (often two breakfasts over a few hours) and while I do live alone and in theory have plenty of “me” time to think and self reflect for some reason the mornings are the times that I seem to naturally do this.

Of course seeing Pikes Peak change colors from a dark ominous mountain to an amazing purple then slowly hues of oranges, reds, and yellows through my kitchen window as the sun rises provides an amazing sense of awe and a sense of peace as well.  I start up one of my many favorite podcasts or streams for background noise and pick through my paper as I wait for breakfast to cook sipping ample amounts of coffee and water, I do the dishes and return to my paper which is at least “skimmed” cover to cover and sometimes journal in my notebook or as is the case this morning I’ll blog some random thoughts.

This mornings thought is kind of funny and perhaps I’ll do some research on the subject.  Here in Colorado Springs our garbage services are privatized and all of them charge for recycling services.  I know people living in many other states get encouraged to recycle and are provided free recycling services and I wonder one big thing:

If Colorado is supposed to be so “green” why is it like this?

Now, I don’t drink much anything from a can or a plastic bottle (I use my water bottle, my camel back, or my coffee cup) so I do not really have much in the way of aluminum but with the paper and my cooking I generate plenty of tin cans and paper waste.  Our complex has a nifty dumpster right there but nothing in the way of recycling sadly and I’ve begun bagging my cans and papers with the intention of either plopping them in my aunts recycle container when I visit next or just taking it all to a recycling center about 3 miles away.

I begin to ask myself this morning what I am going to do when due to work schedule these bags of recyclables start piling up?  Do I stop recycling temporarily or get tired of tripping over the stuff and inevitably trash it?  And then there is the thought of whether or not recycling glass has much purpose sometimes?  An interesting factoid is that there are not too many uses for recycled glass, the primary being asphalt.  When road construction is on a down turn centers end up with surplus glass somewhat defeating the purpose.

Yesterday I wrote about a fertilizer made from food waste, the primary subject was more along the lines of simply cleaning my fridge and using the fertilizer to hopefully grow a garlic that was sprouting but now I wonder what ideas might be out there for glass recycling?  I often re-use my sauce jars for other things but on a larger scale I’m curious if anyone else out there has ideas and uses for these harder to recycle items?

Let me know your thoughts


Cleaning the Fridge

So this evening I decided to whip up a nice red sauce and do some spaghetti with some sausage and veggies and what not.  Lo and behold I had a few small baggies of veggies that just weren’t fit for consumption.  Not a lot mind you as I love my veggies but I did have to toss a bell pepper a few small celery hearts and about a quarter head of lettuce.

What I didn’t throw out was the few bad garlic cloves (I had a whole garlic that was good for my sauce so it wasn’t a big deal).  I had a couple of cloves that had actually sprouted in my crisper drawer so while waiting for my sauce to cook down a touch I got a whim to try and plant the cloves in a small pot that I had empty out front.  I used some good soil I had from another planter that is now empty (lettuce from earlier in the season) and kicked it up with a bit of bone meal, a very small amount of miracle grow, and this fertilizer I have called “eco scraps”.

This Eco Scraps stuff is interesting, I have been using it on our pepper and tomato plants in front of the apartment all season with pretty great success.  The fertilizer comes in pellets and is fairly easy to use but get this… it’s made up entirely of food waste!  Effectively a couple of guys got this brilliant idea to collect food waste from retailers across the US and process it into compost then pelletizing it kind of a slick idea I think.  Anywhoo it’s available at Lowes and Home Depot if your in the US (not sure about worldwide) its worth a look see!

So here’s to hoping for some fresh garlic, I’ve never grown it before but hey why not the pot was empty and the cloves were sprouting meh worth a shot.


Being a Pollster Can be Fun

If you were to ask me if I thought I would ever be a pollster I probably would have laughed my ass off.  Until now, I actually find some of the polls rabidly hilarious.  Sure the completion ratio is horrible as most people don’t like taking polls and occasionally I get cussed out and yelled at but all in all when someone does take a poll it can be incredibly fun.

People tend to get heated over politics and asking them opinions on Trump often gets real interesting results.  I’ve heard everything from “Love HIM” to “I think he’s a runaway shopping cart”.  Todays questions were nothing short of amazing to ask, I’m making it a point to look up the results of the particular poll I am currently working.  From Trump to Anti-fa, white nationalists to North Korea it’s bound to be an interesting read.

And while today was long (10 hours) I absolutely had a blast lol, my team smoked our quota and we rocked it.  And a few of my completions were incredibly intelligent, I even polled a double doctorate today hah.  Just some reflection on todays work, the job may be grueling at times but there’s no reason to not give it my best when I’m there.


And Finally Some Sleep!

As I sit here waiting impatiently for my two favorite morning things, the paper and my coffee I’m pondering.  It has been a crazy few days what with the stupidity in Charlotesville and just overall tension everywhere I wonder why it is that I still read the paper.  Oh wait, now I remember!!  Nothing compares with holding a paper reading the comics.

Perhaps I’m just in a good mood this morning, I have my coffee and my paper and I actually had a full nights sleep.  I have a 12 hour shift coming and am flat broke with a car load of laundry I need to figure out how to do but life overall really isn’t so bad.  I’ve got snoopy and a few articles that don’t mention trump or white supremacy to keep me occupied and I’ve had a great breakfast scramble because if there is anything a man learns that’s worth something it’s how to cook.

And then there’s the “Dear Amy” section of the paper, yeah used to be someone else lol but this week I suppose it’s Amy.  Amy gets a question about a teen daughter who has started dating and her response just makes me laugh.  “The only hitch is that Cary Grant is dead and George Clooney is too old”.  Just boffo!!  Nobody name drops Cary Grant anymore, yeah he’s on my list of if I could ever meet….

Just a morning of random babblings, I’ll leave the heavy lifting to the other bloggers I follow as they do write some pretty heavy stuffs.  For now it’s coffee and my comics… and maybe I’ll read this bit about Trump though honestly I’m bored with it.

Maybe I’ll start a kickstarter campaign to fix trumps hair….



Today was a long shift, and it doesn’t appear that it’s going to let up anytime soon which for me right now is a very very good thing.  I’m booked for 12 hour shifts all this week and through the weekend and on to Monday.  The job isn’t really exciting to speak of, being on the phone doing political polls but every once in a while I get a fun call.  It’s funny to think about but I seriously get paid to ask people how they feel about Trumps use of twitter as Balky would say “What a country”.

A few of my coworkers are absolutely great though, today during my lunch a gal asked me for a ride down the street to the gas station so she would have time to eat I wanted a hot dog anyhow so why not.  She bought me a bag of gummy bears!!!  Ordinarily I wouldn’t get excited but… gummy bears!!  Usually if someone gives me something it’s either a hard time or a poke in the eye.  We were talking about her husband who does iron sculpture and the random topic of my gummy bear art came up.  lol I guess I need to dig deep and come up with something creative now.

anywho not much else to report… I worked, I’m home… and now I’m going to figure out what I want to eat.


The Call

I got a call from a friend

I don’t have many a handful of people that I consider this close I’ve known since childhood the people that know me and this is what makes it even more scary.  My friend started asking some pretty heavy questions, who I wanted things to go to and how I wanted to be handled after I passed away.

My friend was writing my last testament, he wanted me to have a last say and decided to call me on it.

At first I was a touch confused and then seeing the emails afterwards the truth set in, I’m pretty good at killing myself and the people that care for me are worried.  Worried so much so that they are trying to figure out what to do with my “stuff” after I pass.  Seeing this first hand in emails is an interesting thing trust me. Everyone involved in such is reading this as well I don’t hate you for it in fact I’m happy your there.  Just understand that facing mortality itself is tough facing it when brought up and pushed is slightly tougher.

I don’t want anyone to cry for me when I do pass, and I’m too much of a prick to pass soon so deal with me I’m going to be around for a bit.


Waiting for my paper!

I should be a paper delivery person, I would be early every day.  I sit waiting this morning for what seems like everything.

The coffee pot….

The paper…..

my shift at work…

Hah, payday

So awake at 4 am with no paper I decide to pop in an old movie, hackers.  I have to laugh at this movie as they really did try hard but just absolutely failed to hit the mark.  Being a geek I can point out the million references they attempted and being a man of course a young Jolie yeah okay easy on the eyes.  Movie overall though total horrible and yet I have it on DVD why??  Well because I can, I have a lot of horrible movies on DVD I had a conversation with a friend about this just the other day.  They are re making all my old favorites and ruining them, Charlie and the chocolate factory, mad max, oh my god Blade Runner!!

How do you touch Blade Runner?  Ever?? The premise is simple and hilarious when I think about it, I’m getting old!!  The vast majority of movie watchers were born after 1990 (holy crap 90? 2000??) and don’t have the fond memories of playing baseball in the cul de sac or watching movies on a giant television.  Half of them have no idea what black and white or beta max even were.  HAH!  “If you could only see what I’ve seen through your eyes” I would say quoting my beloved Blade Runner.  The fact is the younger crowd doesn’t know any better and the older crowd (i.e. me) will watch just to have something to hate.

With my menial job (that I actually enjoy lol) I get paid to ask people questions which are mostly political but…. the most interesting is when I get to the demographics and ask “in what year were you born?”  It’s interesting as a pollster that very rarely do youth actually answer questions yet everyone complaining that nobody is listening is in this same age group.  Maybe someday when I’ve had my breakfast and paper and hot coffee I’ll do some random study on this but for now I will laugh.  The strangest part of my day is hearing 1990 something when asking someone when they were born.  Next year people born in 2000 will be able to buy cigs lol.

Funny, I’m a pollster now I get paid to ask questions…  what an odd realization for me this morning!  And I just heard the paper smack the porch I’m off to read and hopefully enjoy a cup of coffee.  The movie in the background eh…. it’s there for noise and not much else.  Still incredibly hilarious to me when I catch a glimpse here and there.  Even online has changed since I remember it.  Every user has instant access and it used to be we would dial in, nobody remembers loading a tape or hearing the clicks and whirs let alone the term warez lol…

I suppose I’m getting old but that’s okay on to my paper


Free Pizza Friday 

Today was pay day and I decided to treat myself on the way home from work by stopping at a gas station/convenience store on the way home for a cheap pair of pizzas.    Every Friday pizzas are buy one get one free so $15 later I’m driving home with two very well stuffed pies and a 64oz cup of soda I probably shouldn’t have.

This all of course made me laugh as I stuffed as many condiment packets as I could in my pockets (hey I’m broke salsa and mustard cost money) and retired to my kitchen to chomp on some pretty damn good pizza.

I have my next 4 meals which should get me through most of tomorrow save breakfast where I will do my usual taters and eggs.  Have long shifts through the weekend and week with no complaints this pay period was more of a catch up but if work sustains I might actually get somewhere!!

And all I had to do was show up.  The next two weeks might be rough but after the next check things will lighten just a little bit then two weeks later maybe a little more.  

One thing I’ve learned the hard way is that typically if everything happens at once it’s usually a bad sign.  Real progress happens incrementally and I have to accept that.  I have a great deal an army even of people supporting me in areas of my life all the way to what I think I should eat tomorrow the only thing I truly lack in this life is patience.

I waited for two pizzas why can’t I wait for a better next two weeks??  I feel like I might sleep tonight and that is an amazing accomplishment even if I don’t sleep just the feeling of peace (and pizza) I waited a half hour for two pies hand made from a gal that cared about her job what’s another few weeks?

Pizza lady, awesome job!!