A Fairly Perfect Day!

Simple things, even helping out family made for a pretty damn good day!

Today so far has been a fairly perfect day for me!!  I managed a better amount of sleep last night than I have the last several days though I was still up earlier than planned but around my typical time prior to this hectic week.

I started the day as usual with a good breakfast and puttered around for a while, my only major plan was to go to my Aunties to do a washer / dryer swap at noon but I started thinking about my Aunties poor dog which I love who was in dire need of some good brushing and a paw massage for his arthritis.  I decided around 8:30 just to wander over and spend some time with my bootsies (my nickname for him) who has been my best friend through a lot of tough times.

After spending some time with the dog one of the housemates woke up and wandered a bit and helped me out with some tasks around the house and we decided to go for a hike at one of my favorite places.  We packed some sandwiches and grabbed camelbacks and off we went to a place I haven’t been to in almost a year for a good hike.  While it reminded me how out of shape I am as I haven’t hiked much lately it was a great hike and we took our time getting home as he is fairly new in town and I showed him some of the nice areas here.

On the way back we stopped for a pair of cigarillos to puff on while we cruised the interstate to get home, had a good meal of chili and here I am typing this waiting for laundry to finish in the old dryer before we make the swap.

All in all a pretty perfect day, simple but busy.



3 thoughts on “A Fairly Perfect Day!”

    1. It’s been a while since I’ve engaged in a good serious hike, I forget sometimes how cleansing it can be to get away and focus my energy on just getting through it. Looking back I suppose my best times were when I did more technical hiking. While not super technical this one was somewhat technical (I didn’t want to kill my hiking buddy). I’ll work back into it!

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      1. So important to get out into Nature!! Just that releases endorphins :)) I worked REALLY HARD yesterday shoeing horses — awoke today with sore hands, stiff back and walked with a limp. But I worked through it as the day moved on, with supplements and a day free of horsing (went to town for “supplies”). And now my satisfaction level is sky-high; pain free and ready to enjoy the weekend :)) and the horses I did yesterday are very happy, too :)) Have a great weekend :))



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