Dear morons with oversized trucks in town 

I know there’s a reason for dually diesel trucks, I live in the city.  When I’m already speeding you have no other reason to hug my bumper other than your an absolute fool.  You have Proved your point your stretching to be a man.

Try consideration over blowing your gas mileage to show me your truck can move when you stomp the gas pedal? And maybe not try and hook your bumper to mine if it weren’t such a pain I’d hit my brakes and let you pay for being an ass.

Nobody notices or thinks your cool in fact the one time you rear end someone goosing your throttle your probably going to owe.  Just tell your girlfriend you can’t buy dinner because you need to pay me for being a moron.  

Look fool I grew out of my hot rod days in my early 20s just grow up you stupid shit (I’m holding back) get the fuck off my ass you cocky fuck and drive like a human or don’t bitch when you tag me and I take your cocky fuck ass to the cleaners.

Accidents happen we all have them but I never ever pushed like you do to save 30 perceived seconds on the road in an urban assault vehicle.  Just piss off you cocky self important fuck there are hundreds of us on the road you’re just one.  Deal with it you pretentious fuck!  Your diesel means nothing to me but an insurance payout when you can’t stop in time.

I wanted a pizza not an urban assault and you following me home to complain I wasn’t speeding enough was the tip.  I bet you didn’t think I would argue back let alone push you away from my neighbors who have families and lives and such.

Follow me because I slowed down to the limit??  Threaten me??  Bring it worst case my wasted life gets lost and you live with it.  Knock on my door you followed me home and know where I live because I only did 5 over instead of hot rodding through my neighborhood.

I promise a knock on my door will result in more than just me answering and your threats are empty.  This is my home the minute you Pulled in complaining that I wasnt breaking the law to your satisfaction you gave yourself to this property as a trespasser I will take care of it.

So ask yourself is 15 over the speed limit in your new truck worth it?  Why did you follow me home?  Did me following the rules bother you that much?  Is your new truck that cool?

I’m done with fool kids I’ve got a community I care about show up in our parking lot with that jack handle again and see….


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