Life awareness …

It’s Saturday and most everyone I know is sleeping in.  For myself today started 4 hours ago at 4 am with a shower and breakfast and then a nice jaunt on the trails around the apartment I’m at.

I love where I live, there is a lot of attachment to the open areas and watching the mountains change colors as the sun rises from dark and ominous to a calming purple and then bang, it’s a mountain!! All at my door it’s right there!

I’ve touched these mountains, they’re mine!!  This is a hard concept to explain to anyone who hasn’t spent a lot of years here.  I live a 5 minute walk from some of the most amazing trails ever!  People travel miles, thousands of miles to be there and for me there is here.

Yes I’ve got my problems and yes I could bitch and moan but really?

Really J really?? I’ve got everything I need to survive plus some and I’ve got a back yard no billionaire could ever afford.  I have neighbors that struggle much like me and we all seem to fit together like a real life puzzle.

I hated the idea of leaving what I considered my childhood home.  I was angry inside an it led me down a very dark path.

Today, well today sucks I can’t get work shifts, my calls are all collections, everyone hates me, all of this is true.


Not everyone hates me I am lucky to have a handful that love me and I am more than appreciative.

Today I am going to rock my second interview and then spend my time finding ways to show my appreciation to those who have supported me.

Life doesn’t really suck when you have friends…


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