No… don’t your home now!

So I’ve one more run to take from my grandparents place my childhood home away from home.  Where I ran so many times as I knew pops and mema were always there! 

I’m scared yes, which is a strange feeling.  They mean a lot to me and always will.  This is my home now and it’s actually quite nice!! I have a view of the rockies and am 5 minutes away from anything.

The missing link is connection I guess?  Being a native I’ve always had the idea that “the mountains are to the west am here I am” hah!

I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t avoiding this last load, it will happen today probably after my late lunch but well…

Life is life a last minute call for a job interview!!! Yessss! There are a number of things I can focus on but this is my home now and tomorrow is tomorrow.  Off to prep!

I’m home now as quiet and lonely as it seems it’s my space.  Little ant visitors and all and the construction noise outside.  The view of the Rockies 5 minutes away, and the deer I have to chase to get to my car.

Home is where you are don’t believe the bullshit.  Family is who you are!  And I’m great so long as I decide to be!

Be comfortable, as much as you can..



1 thought on “No… don’t your home now!”

  1. Takes, “Time, Courage, Strength and Patience” for all the changes you need to go through. I wish you all the best and sending Healing Energies your way. Be Brave 🙂 ❤


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