Why not Try Something New!

Dust yourself off and make a go of it!

♥♥♥♥Love what you do and the sacrifice can be worth it♥♥♥♥

Authors note: I was originally going to sit down and type out a recipe for a friend tonight as I have already published an article today.  I found myself incredibly excited and thus decided to maybe type a future article.  This came instead, and given the timing is now being posted.  I hope you enjoy and as always comments and criticism are welcome.  ~J

To say my life is in a period of great transition right now is an understatement; looking deeply at career, home, habits, appearance, thoughts, all aspects that make up the landscape of what “I am” is in flux. As I write this I am impatiently awaiting bedtime as I have a job interview tomorrow for a position which I could easily be labeled as “overqualified” with pay that is well under what I once made in the past. I WANT this job! During my initial phone interview, the president of this small company asked me directly why I was interested and asked about the pay absolutely confused as to why I was so highly energetic on the call about taking what would typically be considered an entry level labor intensive position.

perhaps the presence (or lack) of joy in what I do is a key

I laughed! I did not even have to think for a second before presenting my answer “Well sir, I want to once again wake up in the morning and want to go to work”. Rewind about 15-20 years and I was up rearing to go every morning, I spent most of my time at work because I absolutely enjoyed what I did. I was the low man on the totem pole wage wise as I lacked the fancy education and certifications that were hot at the time but most importantly I was a doer. My goal at this point in my life is to recapture that amazing feeling one gets of satisfaction with life. Over the last several months I have had a lot of career disasters admittedly, most have been self-inflicted. In a way, I have become my worst enemy as it relates to moving forward, perhaps the presence (or lack) of joy in what I do is a key to this conundrum?

When an opportunity appeared to apply for this position at a company in an area that I have enjoyed interest in since childhood, I was all over it. When the response came asking for more information and the subsequent phone call which resulted in tomorrow’s interview something miraculously happened in my mind. I became excited, happy, incredibly positive, and super charged! I couldn’t sleep I was so excited (though I hope I get good sleep tonight I need to be prepared!) I was vibrant with life despite the many things going incredibly wrong right now.

The point here that I am leading into (apologies for the long lead in, I’m still excited about this job) is that of deciding in the wake of a downfall. The idea that I had failed so many times at forward progress over the last few months but still had the brass ones to dust myself off and keep looking for the next step. The idea that in looking for that next step I found an opportunity to not only pick myself up, but the incredible opportunity to again feel energized and content with what I do daily to sustain life. I am interviewing tomorrow for not a job but enjoyable tasks that happen to pay!

I subconsciously turned the negative….. into the positive of enjoying what I do….

Some may say I am “punching down” and downgrading based on my qualifications and skills, I disagree! I feel that I am challenging myself and attempting to “punch up” by learning a new skill that I have so been lacking; I am pursuing an opportunity to learn happiness and enjoyment. I cannot explain in words the excitement that has come over me in waves over the last two days since I was offered the interview, the mere ability to work in the area that I will be in is such an amazing thought to me that wage suddenly turns into a matter of “if I have to, I’ll take a second job just to keep this one”. Perhaps my plan is working, I subconsciously turned the negative of a lower wage and laborious work into the positive of enjoying what I do and who I do it for.

My goal when starting this blog was to attempt to train myself in positive thinking by having to write with a positive connotation often if not daily. I cannot claim mission accomplished however, I can claim progress and that my dear readers, has been incredibly exciting! So, I urge those of you that may be in a similar position, if you have options (and most of us do given a little effort) please be sure to rate happiness in your decisions as well as financial security and whatever other factors you have. Dusting yourself off and rebuilding takes an extreme effort, why not enjoy the results.

Love what you do and the sacrifice can be worth it,



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  1. Wait…..I just read a different post an hour or two ago……where do you want to be in five years…..what happened??


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